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Everybody is different, every foot is unique and each foot care concern is individual. 
I prefer to provide more of a personal service and like to discuss your foot care needs prior to booking an appointment.

Every Thursday I am at the Wellbeing Clinic
Clinic 1, 21 High Street, Corsham, SN13 0ES 



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Alternatively I can see you in the comfort of your own home.

 I would be delighted to hear from you on 07870 659955

or email me at for further information and booking.  

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Treatments & Prices 

Initial consultation £40

When was the last time you had a feet treatment? 

The initial one-hour appointment offered by Footworks will assess problem areas of your feet, assess your foot health, collect relevant medical history, devise a treatment, and determine the approximate length of future treatments and required time to complete the treatment plan. 


Follow up appointment: £40.

Occasionally we need to provide a longer 60-minute appointment or set of appointments to make sure that our treatment is effective, especially if you have a more than one issue that requires treatment. 


Pronto appointment: £30

Short of time but require just one single problem to be treated such as a corn or simple nail cutting. This appointment can be negotiated with your FHP for a quick but effective simple treatment within 30 minutes. This treatment will not include a full foot health assessment.


Nail reconstruction: £15 per nail. 

A remarkably simple and effective way of disguising any nails that have been damaged through trauma, fungal infections, or surgical intervention. Suitable for both Men and Women, this treatment takes approximately 10 mins per nail. 


Medical- pedicure: £60

Want your nails to look great post procedure? 

Would love varnish but beautician’s refuse to treat your feet? 

Why not have a medical pedicure? Have your feet soaked, any hard skin or corns treated, fungal nail treatment or a nail reconstruction (if required) and varnish applied to your nails followed by a warming foot massage. 

Price can be negotiated depending on treatment required. 

Home visits-£40 

Can’t make it to the clinic? 

Try one of our home visits. We offer all the same treatments except the nail reconstruction with the same quality service. Please note that due to equipment requirements, transport costs and time spent traveling we are unable to offer pronto visits for home visiting.  Please enquire for details. 


Custom made silicone props – Prices start from: £2.50.

I sell custom made and pre-made props depending on your need. 


Please note any further medicaments required will add further cost to treatment plan. 


Cancellation Policy 

Your appointments are especially important to the Footworks company. They are reserved just for you. We understand that sometimes schedule adjustments are necessary. Therefore, we respectfully request at least 24 notice for cancellations or re- scheduling of appointments.  

Please understand that when you forget, cancel, or change your appointment time without giving us enough notice, we miss the opportunity to fill that appointment and clients on my waiting list miss the opportunity to receive services. Therefore, we have strictly enforced 24 hours cancellation and rescheduling services.  

Please note, as of 19/06/2021 the following cancellation appointment / missed appointment policy is in effect. 

We know how easy it is to forget an appointment booked several weeks or even months ago. Clients will therefore receive an email or text message reminder 2 days before their appointment. 

You will at this stage have the option to:

  • Confirmation of appointment:

  • Reschedule / change/ modify your appointment. 

  • Or cancel your appointment.


Please do this by calling Footworks on 07870659955 or emailing us

Illness or exceptional circumstances: 

If you or your child is sick, there is diverse weather condition or injury etcThere will not be a fee applied to a missed or cancelled appointment. Practitioner will not show up under these conditions and we would not expect you to.

There may be an exceptional circumstance where appointments need to be rescheduled due to the above reasons and although this will not occur a fee, we appreciate will is inconvenient and apologise in advance. 

There are fees associated with missed or cancelled appointments and these fees are listed below.

Missed appointment fee: A fee totalling 50% of the cost of the service will be levied for missed appointments without cancellation notice 24 hours to the scheduled appointment. 

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