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Footcare Treatments 

Whether at home with an outreach appointment or at clinic, a footcare session could include the following depending on the client’s needs:


  • A full assessment of your feet, including taking medical details.

  • Trimming and filing of toenails

  • Reducing any thickened toenails

  • Debriding callus

  • Enucleating any corns (hard corns, soft corns and seed corns)

  • Parr any verruca

  • Cleansing the foot with skin disinfectant pre, during and post treatment

  • Dressings, paddings and any medicinal tinctures if required

  • Foot massage with professional foot care cream suitable for your skin condition

  • Advice on footwear and maintaining your foot care in between appointments

  • And most importantly a friendly face and a chinwag!


WellBeing Clinic .png

 I am delighted to be working on a Thursday in Corsham at the


 Well Being Clinic 

Clinic 1

Please call, email or contact me via my facebook page to book an appointment 



If an outreach booking or an alternative day would be more convenient for you then please contact me.

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