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Covid 19 practice prevention measures for Footworks 

I am opening the wellbeing clinic from Tuesday 9th June 2020 

I would like to ensure you that I have put significant measures in place to help protect both you and me. I would really value your help and understanding during this time.


Measures in place 

  • Telephone conversation will take place between the client and practitioner prior to the appointment to complete the Footworks risk assessment sheet, check medical history and any change in details.

  • No other clinics will be running during this clinic time.

  • There will be ample time between clients to ensure that just the practitioner and client will be in the clinic, and to allow the practitioner time to clean the clinic effectively.

  • The waiting room will essentially be closed, doors propped open to avoid touching of handles. 

  • Clients will be asked to arrive in a mask or wear a mask provided on entering the clinic and use alcohol gel provided.

  • The Practitioner will wear full PPE plus a visor during treatment in the clinic. 

  • Hands will be scrubbed immediately prior to treatment commencing and immediately post treatment.

  • The client will be over 2 feet away for as long as possible and until treatment begins.

  • Treatment will be carried out as quickly and effectively as possible, then the practitioner will retreat to social distance as quickly as able.

  • All equipment will be cleaned thoroughly post use and instruments are always thoroughly washed and autoclaved in sterilising bags.

  • All PPE will be individually disposed of appropriately.

  • Bank transfers or contactless payments only please, no cash or notes to change hands.

  • Business will only be handed out on request, If possible, please bring your own diary to note own next treatment date.

  • The clinic room is cleaned thoroughly, and fully aired thus available for the next client.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation at this time to keep us all safe and well.

The Open College of Foot Health Professionals Certificate
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