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Getting shoes to fit can be a nightmare at the best of times, and even more difficult if you have a deformity such as a bunion or a hammer toe. With the decline in the high street, most specialised shoe companies have had to remove their shops entirely, making shopping for problem feet a real heart and foot ache!

Below is a list of more specialist shoe companies that truly offer roomier fitting shoes.



Tel: 01793 631 702.Swindon

Tel: 01225 841086. Bath.


DB shoes:            

Tel: 01933 311077.

Mail order: mon to Friday: 09:00 – 17:00.       



Tel: 01458 447275.

Mall order open: 08:30 -17:30 mon – Friday, Sat : 09 :00 – 13 :00.


Sole Bliss :                     

Tel: 01923 227400

Mon – Fri :09 :00 -17 :30.


All these companies own high street stores, but they are few and far between. DB shoes has a store in Irchester, whilst Sole bliss has a London store. Cosy feet has a store in Somerset. If this however is a little far to travel, they are available online.


Online shoe shopping in neither convenient or budget friendly, several pairs may have to be purchased and returned to obtain your exact fit, but at least sole bliss and DB shoes offer free returns.


DB shoes and Sole bliss have a wider selection that don’t vastly differ from the high street stores. Extra padding is placed to add comfort and adaptions can be added to either shoes by removing an insole or placing another for fit and comfort.


Cosyfeet are a little less modern, more geared towards those that require a fashionable flat shoe.


All wider shoes (6-8 D/E sizes) will fit most feet with a few adaptions especially if you suffer from bunions or fixed hammer feet.


In DB shoes, the first layer insoles can be removed and a half insole can be place either in the front to prevent you slipping forward, or the back to push the foot forward a little for a better fit. This is particularly useful if you have one-foot deformity.

All these companies have a comprehensive guide on fitting the shoe and it’s best to stick to their own guide as they all vary.


Kids Shoes in Cupboard

Quick tips for shoe shopping to help prevent you making costly mistakes.

  • Try to shop or size in the afternoon as your feet swell during the day and may feel uncomfortably tight later in the day

  • Try to try them on with the correct socks. If shopping for winter boots, use your thicker socks and vice versa. You don’t want to shop for a pair of wedding shoes with a thick sock unless that is what you are going to be wearing as they will just flop off your feet.

  • There are very few people out there with the same sized feet. Always try on both shoes and go with the slightly roomier size. It’s easier to slightly pad a shoe with a thicker sole or sock than try to stretch a shoe. A tight shoe will cause painful feet and could cause corns.

  • You should be able to fit a finger inside your shoe between your heel and the inside heel of the shoe.  You should be able to move your finger to trace around the back of your foot. Your finger should feel tight but be able to move with no trouble.

  • The perfect width of a shoe is one that hugs you without being too narrow or too close.

  • The perfect length of a shoe is to leave 1-3 cm at the tip of the shoe for the foot to slide slightly when you walk, but no touch the end of your shoe. This also leaves plenty of growing room for children.

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